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Michael is is the Extraction Manager at Sequoya leading the extraction plant across the facility. Michael is a 15 year veteran of operating industrial chemical plants. Prior to Sequoya, Michael worked at Sythos Agro, a subsidiary of Synthos Group, one of the largest chemical companies in Poland. As a recognized expert, Michael was initially involved in the design, building Sythos Agro's industrial plant for agrochemicals, one of the most modern Central Europe. After successfully completing the construction, as an expert in the plant protection chemicals industry, he was responsible for commissioning the installations, including the fully automated packaging. Michael ultimately Lead Plant Technologist at Manufacturing Department covering the production of
plant protection products, fertilizers and other agrochemicals for horticulture, agriculture and vegetable growing.

In 2008 he joined as a lead technologist to the team involved in the construction and commissioning of one of the first rapeseed oil plants for the production of rapeseed oil intended for biofuels. The site included three main sections: oil extraction, advanced solvent extraction installation and oil refining section.

Prior Michael worked at Chemical Factory Organika-Azot SA, one of the oldest chemical companies in Poland. He worked as Lead Technologist at the manufacturing division supervising of the entire production plant. By 2008 he joined the team involved in the construction and commissioning of one of the first rapeseed oil (for biofuels) plants.

Michael is a graduate of the Cracow University of Technology, where he earned a Master Degree in 2003, along with completing a program on Chemical Technology.

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